Tuesday December 18, 2018
A-Z Video Productions offers two choices when it comes to transferring other video formats to DVD.

1. A straight transfer without any editing and just a simple "enter" to get things started, with chapter markers every 5 minutes. 
          VHS, Video8, Digital8, MiniDV : $30 (up to 2 hours)
          VHSC : $20 (only 30 minutes)

2. Full customized menus with edited video. Contact us for a quote with the specifics, and we will get back to you with a price.

We also transfer 8mm film and can look after the whole process for you.

We can also transfer PAL (European format) DVDs to NTSC (North American) DVDs.
"We never expected in out wildest dreams to have you capture our most special day for us in every intimate detail. It was truly amazing to see and we will cherish our video forever. Thank you."