Tuesday December 18, 2018
Event Videography is where A~Z Video Productions really got started. We will capture your event with 1 or 2 camera coverage with great sound quality, edit it, author it to a DVD, and provide X number of copies at an agreed price.

Whether it be a Dance Recital, Fashion Show, or Variety Show, we will tastefully and creatively make a DVD that captures your event.

We can offer two different price options.

1. Client pays us to shoot, edit, and author a DVD, at an agreed price and then sell X number of copies at a reduced price to re-sell. This option is great for fundraisers, as the organization can sell each DVD for how much they want.

2. We shoot, edit, and author a DVD, and sell copies to whomever pre-purchase a DVD. This option is also good for organizations who want someone to come in, do the work and not worry about the paper work.

Contact us for a quote for your next event.
"We can't thank you enough for the beautiful video you made for us. It's such an amazing keepsake to have for our special day."